Dedication Day

Where do we start? The first few days were physically exhausting, but dedication day was emotionally exhausting. Each team presented gifts to their family one at a time followed by statements from the family to us expressing their appreciation for the past few days. Each team member had the opportunity to share their feelings as well. Dan took beans, salt and soap, things that they use everyday, and tied it into the gospel message. The pastors presented the gospel and asked them individually if they wanted to accept Christ. Meanwhile, on the outside the rest of the team was singing, praying out loud and reading Scripture over the house and family. It was an emotionally draining day repeating it four times but, the Holy Spirit continued to fill us. We’re off now to get ready for our first medical clinic!


Day 2 – succulent spring salmon stucco and aqua interior painting

Though the rain is pounding the roof at the mission base tonight, it held off all day while we applied stucco to the exteriors of our houses.  God is good!  We also painted the interiors and personalized them with verses and pictures.  The village kids also enjoyed painting us at the end of the afternoon.  Hopefully you’ll all be able to see photos of that when we return home.  The day has been full of messy, hard work, but with loads of laughter as we bond as a team and try to overcome the language barrier with the families.  God is present and working our own hearts and those we are serving this week.

Sorry for the short post, but it’s time for devotions (and an early bedtime, hopefully!) 😉



Stucco  day!

Day one

Hi all!

We spent our first day building homes in the village across the valley from the mission base.  It is only 1 mile away as the crow flies, but the trip takes 50 minutes by van to drive across one bumpy ridge and over to the other.  We split into 4 smaller building teams and got to work by 7:30 drilling the metal studs together, hanging drywall on the inside and cement board on the outside.  We ate an amazing lunch of black beans, rice, and homemade tortillas.  By late afternoon, we all had the porches and roofs completed.

Tonight, some of us spent some time in the orphanage playing with the kids and getting some snuggle time with some babies.  One new baby arrived last night right before we got to the base, and another newborn was brought in this afternoon.  So PRECIOUS!

Now we are in the process of sorting the huge supply of gifts that we will give to the families when we dedicated the homes on Friday.

Thanks for the continued prayers!

Team Grand Valley Baptist